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Fall 'Must Haves' from Clementine Fields

Fall 'Must Haves' from Clementine Fields

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Ingrid, the fabulous founder of Clementine Fields, Canada’s online gold mine for clean beauty cosmetics and products.

Clementine Fields came into being in the same way as many other clean beauty businesses – when Ingrid was diagnosed with a chronic form of leukemia. While her prognosis was good, she became acutely aware of everything that went in and on to her body. Adding to that was the adoption of a beautiful baby girl a few years later and Ingrid and her husband (and partner at CF) vowed to make sure that they would never expose her precious skin to any harmful products or chemicals.

Today, Clementine Fields boasts an incredible selection of clean products for women, men, babies and children. Herewith, a quick conversation with Ingrid!

R6: What sort of criteria / guidelines do you have in place for a product to be sold on your site?

CF: The products have to be effective, beautiful and natural. I try practically everything we carry and I do a lot of research!

R6: Do you test the products or have a lab / scientist / toxicologist who does that for you? How do you know for sure that the products are what they claim to be (i.e. organic and natural don’t really mean anything)?

CF: We have a list of ingredients that cannot be in a product we carry. We work with people we trust and we ask a lot of questions.

R6:  What are the top Canadian products that you promote?

CF: We have always done really well with Graydon. It’s a wonderful price point and the products are great. Lately we have also been selling a lot of Living Libations. The founder is a goddess and the products are unique, uber effective and interesting.

R6: What are your favourite products for Fall? Do you have an essentials list?

CF: I love a beautiful body oil. I find skin tends to become much drier as soon as the weather changes, and I love the dewy look a natural body oil gives your legs, arms, collar bones, etc. It’s so therapeutic to use a clean oil on your skin, it’s like a healthy and nutritious food for the skin! I also love a highlighter for the face (like (1)Tata Harpers Illuminator) and a pretty red lip (like (2) Ilia’s Strike It Up or (3) Axiology’s Fundamental).

Clem Faves.png

R6: What is the most important product that you won’t compromise on (i.e. must be clean) - is it moisturizer, makeup, spf, etc.?

CF: Mmm.. that’s a hard one! I think sunscreen is very important and deodorant. Really I would never put anything on my face that wasn’t natural. I kiss and cuddle my seven year old all the time, I would hate to rub off chemicals on her precious skin.

R6: What product do you never leave the house without?

CF: Oh gosh, my bag is ridiculous, it’s packed! No matter what, I always have a moisturizing lipstick and a travel size toner, like CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray. I love the dewy look so I am always spraying my face. I love Ilia Lip Conditioners because there are some great shades that are super hydrating. My favourite is Arabian Nights!

You can visit Clementine Fields here to shop, discover a skincare guide just for you, and learn great tips on how to clean up your beauty routine!



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